Masjid-e-Kufa, Iraq.  June 2013.
Imam Ali a.s:  “I see my Shias in Masjid-e-Kufa, teaching the Quran in different tents, teaching it as it was revealed.” (Biharul Anwar)
And so it was. Scholars were scattered around the courtyard, Quran in hand, eager students encircling them.  School and college children sat revising for their upcoming exams. Groups of pilgrims sat lamenting in circles, each speaking a different language. They sat against the pillars and wondered which companions had sat in that exact place. They looked over to the house of Imam Ali a.s and retraced in their mind’s eye, the path of wounded Ali a.s, from the mehraab where he was struck, to the home where his daughters waited for him.
How I wish to be there again.

" Peace be upon the one under whose dome an answer (to supplications) is guaranteed."

lovers of ahlulbayt are cleansed through the tears they shed for their imam, aba abdillah!
"A wound caused by the tongue can be deeper than the wound caused by a sword. Be careful with your words & stay silent when angry."

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نبحثُ عن السعادة، وهيَ موجودةٌ على رفٍ مهجور في كتابٍ منزل مِن ؛ سابعِ سَماء ..  هوَ شِفاءٌ ورحمةٌ أفلا يتدبرون ♡

يـهــل شـآيـل الرايـة وجاي گاصدني
تعرف رآيتك بيمن تذكرني؟ 
بـالـگطعوا جفوفه وصاح آدركني  صحت ويلاه يآ خويه والظهر محني 💔 
السلام عليگ يا آبا الفضل العبآس ⚑

Rooms are never finished, Karbala a history of “The House of Sorrow”
(Karbala as Metaphor, in the poetry of Agha Shahid Ali-Nishad Zaidi)